Client Requirement

Our client required an investor tour to the Bowen Basin region to visit a mine site and surrounding infrastructure. They had previously organized their own charters and had experienced a range of issues that caused them concern. As a result they turned to Adagold Aviation to ensure a smooth and cost effective charter experience.


Our client expected a cost effective service that still met their time and comfort requirements. There were a number of operational challenges to overcome to complete the charter, such as the constraints of the airstrip and the timeframe it could be accessed in.  The challenge for Adagold Aviation was to provide a service that met their expectations for comfort and reliability, as well as meeting all operational requirements.


Adagold Aviation worked with TechSafe Aviation to formulate an aviation solution to meet the client’s requirements for aircraft, crew and airstrip. A suitable aviation policy was developed and aircraft operator’s capabilities were assessed based on the policy as well as the operational plan to access the airstrip.  The plan was communicated to the client and a detailed overview of the days proceedings was provided.


The charter took place successfully without issues, with the client’s investors enjoying a comfortable flight to site and return.  The client appreciated the Adagold Aviation team were constantly working in the background to ensure all components of the charter plan were adhered to.  The client is now a repeat customer thanks to the exceptional level of service provided.