This case study is an example of how the Charter Specialists at Adagold Aviation are capable of finding unique solutions to unusual requirements. Whether it’s time pressure or a complex requirement. The Charter Specialists will work with you to find the right solution.

Our client was a shipping services company that experienced an unscheduled crew changeover that needed to be resolved in a timely manner. The original crew changeover was meant to occur in Geelong (Victoria) but the ship was anchored off Lakes Entrance (also in Victoria). The new crew needed to be transported from Melbourne to Lakes Entrance, and vice versa for the disembarking crew. In total there were 10 crew ex Melbourne and 9 crew ex Lakes Entrance.

Each passenger was travelling with 20-25kg of baggage, which smaller aircraft cannot always accommodate.

The client originally requested to fly into Bairnsdale, however with our local knowledge we established that they could fly direct to Lakes Entrance. The Adagold Aviation team organised two aircraft to operate on this charter, one for the passengers and the other for the passenger’s baggage.