Saab 340

Chartered Flight

In the world of charter flights, the Saab 340 significantly stands out, especially when it comes to providing a cost-effective and comfortable solution in Australia. If you’re exploring the alternative to private jet hire, considering the attributes of the Saab 340 is indispensable.

Offering a level of comfort and convenience that is often cheaper than what private jets cost, this remarkable regional turboprop aircraft doesn’t compromise on delivering a top-notch travel experience. Its reputation in the charter sector is built upon a foundation of reliability, with features that are designed to meet the high standards of both business and leisure travellers.

The Saab 340, noted for its efficiency and performance, showcases that a superior chartered flight experience doesn’t necessarily come with the sometimes hefty private jets prices. As you delve deeper, you will uncover the various aspects that make the Saab 340 a favourite among Australians seeking a seamless, comfortable, and affordable charter flight experience.

Saab 340 Charter Flight

Aircraft Specifications

Aircraft Type

Saab 340

Flight Crew






Baggage Capabilities

1 x 15kg bag and 1 x small carry-on per passenger

Other Features

Standup cabin, Galley, Lavatory
Saab 340 Charter Flight

Features of the Saab 340: A Stellar Alternative to Private Jet Hire

Cost-Effective Travel: One of the standout features of the Saab 340 is its competitive pricing strategy. It presents an option often cheaper than what private jets cost, offering a sensible and budget-friendly alternative to private jet hire. Whether it’s a business trip or a leisurely tour, the Saab 340 meets your group travel needs without a hefty price tag.

Efficient Performance: The Saab 340 prides itself on delivering impressive speed and range, making it a preferred choice for medium-distance charter flights in Australia. Its fuel-efficient performance not only adds to its cost-effectiveness but also contributes to a smaller carbon footprint compared to many jets.

Comfort & Luxury: Step into the spacious cabin of the Saab 340 and embrace an experience draped in comfort and luxury. The cabin features noise reduction technology, ensuring a peaceful journey amidst the clouds. The seating arrangements have been designed to offer the utmost relaxation, promising a tranquil and comfy journey throughout.

Advanced Technology: The Saab 340 is equipped with state-of-the-art avionic systems that assure a smooth and safe flight. Moreover, passengers can stay connected and entertained throughout their journey thanks to the sophisticated communication and entertainment systems onboard.

Customisable Configurations: Catering to a variety of passenger needs, the Saab 340 offers flexible layouts that can be configured to match individual requirements. Moreover, the aircraft boasts significant cargo capacity, which can be customised according to the demands of your trip, making it a versatile choice for different travel needs.

Environmentally Friendly: When you fly with the Saab 340, you are taking more than just a chartered flight; it’s a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly travel. Its operations are characterised by lower carbon emissions compared to many jets, aligning with the ongoing global shift towards more sustainable practices in aviation.

Specifications of the Saab 340: A Remarkable Charter Flight Choice

The Saab 340 is a twin-engine regional turboprop aircraft, a preferred option for chartered flight experiences that stand out for efficiency and reliability.

Manufacturer: Saab Aircraft AB, a company recognised for its long-standing tradition of crafting high-quality aircrafts infused with cutting-edge technology and safety features.


Length: Approximately 19.7 metres (64.7 feet), a design that allows for agile and versatile performance, adapting easily to diverse weather conditions.

Wingspan: Around 21.4 metres (70.35 feet), providing a foundation for stable and smooth flight dynamics.

Height: Roughly 6.9 metres (22.88 feet), shaping a balanced profile that fosters easy manoeuvrability in the skies.

Engine: Propelled by two robust GE CT7-9B turboprop engines, an assurance of reliable and potent performance, catering perfectly to medium-range charter flights.

Passenger Capacity: The Saab 340 offers comfortable accommodation for up to 34 passengers, with seating arrangements focusing on delivering a spacious and comfortable experience.

Cruise Speed: With an average cruise speed of about 515 km/h (320 mph), the Saab 340 ensures timely arrivals, positioning itself as a time-saving alternative to private jet hire.

Range: Featuring a significant flight range of around 1500 km (932 miles), it stands as a solid choice for various Australian routes, promising convenience and extensive reach.

Service Ceiling: Efficiently operates at a service ceiling of about 7,620 metres (25,000 feet), ensuring smooth and steady flights at optimum cruising altitudes.

Cargo Capacity: The Saab 340 offers generous cargo capacity, making it easy for passengers to carry additional luggage or equipment, enhancing the versatility of its applications in the charter flight sector.

Incorporating all these technical aspects, the Saab 340 presents a favourable choice compared to what private jets cost; delivering a harmonious blend of efficiency and luxury. Let’s explore more about what makes Saab 340 a sought-after choice in the charter flights sector.

Saab 340 Charter Flight
Saab 340 Charter Flight

Saab 340 Performance

Efficiency: With a fuel-efficient engine system, the Saab 340 stands as a prime choice for environmentally conscious travellers. Its performance metrics underscore its position as an often cheaper alternative to what private jets cost.

Takeoff and Landing: The Saab 340 is renowned for its short takeoff and landing capabilities, making it an excellent choice for regional charter flights that often involve smaller regional airports with shorter runways. This attribute not only ensures quicker trips but also expands the range of accessible destinations.

Climb Rate: The aircraft impresses with a swift climb rate, reaching cruising altitude quickly and efficiently, thereby minimising time spent in turbulent lower altitudes. This ensures a smoother flight experience, comparable to that offered by a private jet hire.

Cruise Altitude: Cruising at an optimum altitude of 7,620 metres (25,000 feet), the Saab 340 promises a pleasant and tranquil flight experience with stunning aerial views, often avoiding congested airways and turbulent zones.

Noise Reduction Technology: Incorporated with noise reduction technology in its cabin, the Saab 340 ensures a quieter and more enjoyable journey, allowing passengers to converse or relax without the typical drone of engines that are often experienced in other aircraft types.

Fuel Consumption: The aircraft is designed with fuel efficiency in mind, thus not only making it a more eco-friendly choice but also often significantly reducing the charter flight costs when compared to private jets prices.

Maintenance and Reliability: Recognized for its high reliability and lower maintenance requirements, the Saab 340 guarantees less downtime and more time in the air, making it a reliable option for frequent flyers who prioritise consistency and punctuality in their travels.

Through its exceptional performance capabilities, the Saab 340 embodies an ideal choice for individuals and groups seeking an efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective chartered flight experience in Australia. The performance attributes highlighted above present the Saab 340 as a formidable player in the charter flights sector, promising a high-quality alternative to traditional private jet hires.

Cabin & Facilities: A Chartered Flight with Unmatched Comfort

Embarking on a chartered flight aboard the Saab 340 promises not only a journey marked by performance and safety but also a unique blend of comfort and luxury. The aircraft’s cabin and facilities have been meticulously designed to offer an enjoyable and relaxing travel experience, proving to be an excellent alternative to private jet hire.

Cabin Dimensions

Length: The Saab 340 boasts a generous cabin length of 19.73 metres (64 feet and 9 inches), ensuring ample space for a comfortable journey.

Width: With a cabin width of 2.16 metres (7 feet and 1 inch), it avoids the cramped conditions often found in similar aircraft categories, offering a roomy interior.

Height: Standing at a height of 1.87 metres (6 feet and 2 inches), the cabin allows for easy movement within, adding to the overall comfort during a chartered flight.

Seating Configuration

Capacity: Able to accommodate up to 34 passengers, the Saab 340 offers a highly configurable seating arrangement to meet the specific needs of the charter flight.

Seat Comfort: Passengers can look forward to plush seating with generous legroom and adjustable headrests, ensuring a comfortable journey that is often cheaper than what private jets cost.

Lavatories: Onboard, you’ll find clean and well-maintained lavatories, enhancing the comfort of your journey.

Galley Facilities

Refreshment Centre: The onboard refreshment centre offers passengers a range of snacks and beverages during their charter flights, ensuring a pleasant journey.

Catering Services: Depending on the service package selected, passengers might enjoy premium catering services with a selection of gourmet meals and fine wines, akin to those found in private jet hire packages.

Storage Space

Overhead Bins: The Saab 340 provides ample overhead bins, offering sufficient space to store carry-on luggage securely and conveniently.

Cargo Hold: For travellers with larger luggage, the spacious cargo hold can accommodate a substantial amount of baggage without compromising cabin space, ensuring a hassle-free journey.

Considering the Saab 340 for your next chartered flight ensures a journey characterised by comfort, convenience, and facilities that make one rethink the private jets prices traditionally associated with such levels of luxury and functionality.

Saab 340 Charter Flight
Saab 340 Charter Flight

Safety: Prioritising Your Peace of Mind on Every Charter Flight

The Saab 340 places a significant emphasis on safety, establishing it as a reliable option in the charter flights category, often cheaper than what private jets cost without any compromise on safety standards. Here we outline the safety features that make it a preferred choice:

Robust Design: The Saab 340’s structural integrity and design are built to withstand various flight conditions, ensuring a safe journey through different weather patterns.

Advanced Avionics: The cockpit is equipped with modern avionics that aid in navigation and communication, enhancing situational awareness and thus safety during the flight.

Well-Trained Crew: Adhering to high standards, the flight crew undergoes rigorous training to handle emergency situations effectively, promising a secure flying experience.

Maintenance and Inspection: Regular and meticulous maintenance checks are conducted to ensure that every part of the aircraft is in optimal condition, minimising any potential safety risks.

Emergency Equipment: The aircraft is equipped with necessary emergency equipment including first aid kits, fire suppression systems, and flotation devices, catering to various possible emergency scenarios.

Safety Protocols During The Flight: Safety protocols are strictly followed during the flight, including adherence to flight altitude regulations and speed limits to prevent any untoward incidents.

Ground Safety Measures: Even before you board, meticulous ground safety measures are undertaken to ensure a safe environment for passengers and crew alike.

FAQ’s: All You Need to Know About the Saab 340 Charter Flights

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about chartering a Saab 340, providing an alternative to private jet hire that combines cost-effectiveness and comfort.

What makes the Saab 340 a good alternative to private jet hire?

The Saab 340 offers a blend of affordability and comfort, providing a flying experience often cheaper than what private jets cost without skimping on luxury and amenities for your group travel needs.

What is the seating arrangement like on the Saab 340?

The Saab 340 offers a comfortable and spacious cabin with various seating configurations to suit the preferences and needs of passengers, making it a versatile choice for different charter needs.

What are the private jets prices compared to hiring a Saab 340?

While private jet prices can be comparatively steep, opting for a Saab 340 charter flight can offer a more budget-friendly yet still luxurious option, giving you value for your money. For more on this, check out our Private Jet Cost page.

How does the Saab 340 ensure passenger safety?

The Saab 340 comes with advanced safety features and protocols, from its sturdy design to well-trained crew, ensuring a secure and peaceful journey.

What kind of facilities can I expect on board?

The Saab 340 offers a range of facilities including a lavatory, stand up cabin, flight attendant, comfortable seating, and a well-equipped galley, promising a pleasant journey with all the amenities you might need.

How do I go about booking a charter flight with the Saab 340?

Booking a charter flight with the Saab 340 is a straightforward process with the charter specialists at Adagold, who are dedicated to offering a seamless and personalised service to meet all your chartering needs.

Saab 340 Charter Flight
Saab 340 Charter Flight

Hiring via the Charter Specialists at Adagold Aviation

Choosing a charter flight for your next journey? The charter specialists at are at your service to facilitate an unparalleled travel experience aboard the Saab 340. Stepping up as a cost-effective alternative to private jet hire, Adagold opens doors to a world where the often higher private jets prices are no longer a barrier to experiencing luxury in the skies.

Adagold’s team of seasoned charter specialists meticulously plan each flight to cater to the unique needs of their clientele, offering an experience that is often cheaper than what private jets cost, without compromising on the comfort that one would expect from a charter flight.

Here are some highlights of hiring through Adagold:

Personalised Service: Adagold is renowned for its personalised service, tailoring every minute detail to offer a travel experience that aligns perfectly with your preferences and requirements.

A Commitment to Safety: Safety remains a paramount concern, with Adagold adhering to stringent safety protocols that ensure a secure and peaceful journey from start to finish.

Experience: 30 years in the air charter industry is an asset you can leverage when choosing your private charter aircraft with Adagold Aviation.

Cost-Effective Luxury Travel: Ditch the hefty private jets prices and opt for a charter flight that embodies comfort and convenience, all while offering a value proposition that aligns with your budget.

Seamless Booking Experience: The charter specialists at Adagold have simplified the booking process, ensuring that planning your journey is a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Tailored Travel Packages: Whether for business or leisure, Adagold specialises in crafting bespoke travel packages that encapsulate luxury and convenience, promising a journey that is both delightful and memorable.

Allow the charter specialists at Adagold to elevate your travel experience, offering a seamless journey aboard the Saab 340, where convenience meets affordability. Get in touch with Adagold today to embark on a journey where every moment is a testament to luxury and personalised service.

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